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Алексей Чернов
Алексей Чернов Yesterday, 13:46
Бородатый симулянт
Ricardo Noyola
Ricardo Noyola 18 January 2020 23:03
Morten Kjell Reitan
Morten Kjell Reitan 18 January 2020 14:10
Stupid. The only rule fighting needs is not to kill.
Timmy RedruM
Timmy RedruM 16 January 2020 06:53
Don't be a fake bitch Roy, this is no soccer game.
In_Vas_Por 15 January 2020 03:00
Heatewave91 15 January 2020 00:52
Only calls it after the third knee
Nairb Gleason
Nairb Gleason 14 January 2020 15:31
Carrot Topov
TexasRigged 13 January 2020 21:55
Big Country still the man
Joseph Cozzolino
Joseph Cozzolino 13 January 2020 20:36
Kharitonov only 38 !? Dudes got some City miles on him 👀
Jaded 13 January 2020 19:19
Big country lol
Don Dino
Don Dino 12 January 2020 04:44
David Trantham
David Trantham 12 January 2020 00:06
Damn cheater those 2 knees ruined the fight.
Cesar Bartolo
Cesar Bartolo 11 January 2020 15:32
Roy deserves to lose if he only ever throws 3 types of punches
Kyle Kenney
Kyle Kenney 11 January 2020 06:05
Time to retire big country
Cattzly 11 January 2020 02:30
Knee was illegal. However, Roy should be embarrassed about that flop.
Lats Niebling
Lats Niebling 9 January 2020 05:33
The only thing that should be illegal is eye-gouging and biting. Everything else should be legal. Its cage fighting.
sm7 kim
sm7 kim 7 January 2020 21:26
Roy win
EW W 6 January 2020 01:07
Notice Roy put his hands down on the mat to keep from getting knees hiding behind the rules.Then the delayed pain comes..
the DiDa
the DiDa 5 January 2020 14:36
Лайк с каждого кто понял ! Как будто я что то годное написал
Caroline Ullrich
Caroline Ullrich 5 January 2020 06:11
Poor Roy, This is one fighter I don't like
Борис М
Борис М 4 January 2020 23:16
Харитону далеко до Емели.....
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 4 January 2020 20:47
The lesson to learn from this fight is to illegally knee your opponent in the head a few times, take the point deduction, then win against a diminished opponent.
Gary Young
Gary Young 3 January 2020 19:02
he hit him twice
northsouth 2 January 2020 15:59
Jeff Monson beat Sergei via northsouth choke first round.
Jackson 2 January 2020 05:03
Day 1421 of asking Roy Nelson to release a Swimsuit Calender
Tim Tremblay
Tim Tremblay 1 January 2020 18:19
nrojbsa 31 December 2019 23:59
damn Sergei is a brutal heavy striker and have always been a dangerous fighter to anyone. true mma legend! to put out big country says alot
Виталий С
Виталий С 31 December 2019 20:23
Он боец или актёр, что-то не пойму
Презердент ПУТИН
Презердент ПУТИН 30 December 2019 16:51
Борода походу любитель аперкотов а свой фейс.
ОБРАЩЕНИЯ ПРЕЗИДЕНТУ 30 December 2019 15:49
На фоне рекламы бургеркинга прикольно смотрится жиробас!!!
алексей чикеев
алексей чикеев 30 December 2019 15:17
бородатому в футбол играть самое то! там тоже одни симулянты
Alex Den
Alex Den 30 December 2019 14:33
Why is it forbiden?
bluejay7232 30 December 2019 08:23
The Americans are SO GOOD at playing THE VICTIM! LOL!The commentators are also VERY BIASED! Very TYPICAL AMERICAN.
Kevin Willis
Kevin Willis 28 December 2019 03:05
Sergei makes Roy look small.
Kevin Willis
Kevin Willis 28 December 2019 03:04
And The Oscar Goes To!!! Roy Nelson..
John Pappan
John Pappan 27 December 2019 08:22
Just a dash of Koschek. I'll say it.
Brent Harwood
Brent Harwood 27 December 2019 07:32
Roys soccer fall made me definitely reconsider how much i like him as a fighter
Jeff bill
Jeff bill 27 December 2019 05:27
That was one late ass reaction
Гражданин Котик
Гражданин Котик 27 December 2019 03:32
Не тот боец уже харитонов :/
Henry TheFifth
Henry TheFifth 27 December 2019 01:17
Серёжа молодец! Спокоен и выдержан. Достойная победа.
Russian Bear
Russian Bear 26 December 2019 22:56
Go back to the old MMA fights.. no gloves (sometimes) knees and elbows everywhere this was the shit !
Dave rmp
Dave rmp 26 December 2019 22:40
Roy milked the hell out of that, POS
Omkar Bhatkar
Omkar Bhatkar 26 December 2019 19:43
Sergei Kharitanov is one badass old school pride Fighter...
Иосиф Джугашвили
Иосиф Джугашвили 26 December 2019 16:02
Два старых мешка с говном((((
eli gould
eli gould 25 December 2019 22:11
Y is the knee illegal?
The Binary Epidemic
The Binary Epidemic 25 December 2019 07:20
wasn't that a thigh, not a knee? or do thighs count as knees
carlo kovac
carlo kovac 25 December 2019 01:35
only wooooow only woooowww
Wanton110 24 December 2019 21:35
I don't understand booing a fighter in fighting sports.. the person is putting their health on the line for your entertainment and you boo.. Sure you don't need to cheer but a respectful clap maybe for the opponent
BR0723 23 December 2019 18:37
If you based this fight solely on just looks like two dudes fighting over rights to their cousin.
Gudrich 23 December 2019 16:54
Roy Nelson срочно в театр , пропадает такой актёришкО )))
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