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ScoutNationHD 16 February 2019 17:22
As I expected this video got blocked last night, while all the other Joao Felix videos stayed on YouTube! #WhyAlwaysMe 😂🤷‍♂️Let's hope this one stays online 🤟
Krishna Gurung
Krishna Gurung Yesterday, 16:52
He is future😎😎
Nikhil Rajakrishna
Nikhil Rajakrishna Yesterday, 15:10
Please change your mind c
AMAL RAZIL 20 September 2019 21:18
Which bgm is this.... If anyone knows replay me
skmipy _fn
skmipy _fn 16 September 2019 21:09
Have you seen messi ronaldo and neymar when they were 19???
Rikyz 15 September 2019 21:35
Davide Moscardelli And Joao Felix my love
Chris Mascarenhas
Chris Mascarenhas 15 September 2019 10:36
If kaka played striker joao felix
Александр 15 September 2019 09:56
Хороший, но ниче особенного
Yehmed Abdrahmen
Yehmed Abdrahmen 14 September 2019 09:34
وااااااااااو 😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😨👍👍👍legendry
Draquinh0 13 September 2019 22:50
9:13 "Filho da puta"
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 13 September 2019 05:37
İ cant see annormal talent. Every young player in football can do these simple creates. BİGGEST UNDERRATED PLAYER İ SWEAR.
ReToNe 13 September 2019 00:17
New Eusebio
ReToNe 13 September 2019 00:16
new Eusebio
AzeR 12 September 2019 20:08
Portuguese commentators:João felizjeEnglsih commentators: Jão felixMe :João felix -_-Im from Portugal and its so cringe to me when they dont say João's name Correctly...
John Mv
John Mv 12 September 2019 16:56
Another gift from Portugal to football
Yun GG
Yun GG 11 September 2019 15:54
er spielt gut und ich finde er steht immer im richtigen Punkt wo er wirklich sehr gefährlich wird
CoelhoCoin Tech
CoelhoCoin Tech 11 September 2019 01:17
Reminds me of Kaka, not sure he has the same speed though
Ermir 9 September 2019 23:19
What’s the name of the first song? Before the video starts. Plzzzz tell me:)
王瑞 9 September 2019 15:17
what's the BGM? I like it
TheDon Gaming
TheDon Gaming 9 September 2019 05:57
gabriel luis telles
gabriel luis telles 8 September 2019 18:08
Parece que ela largou um fé da puta no último lance.rsrs
SS Squad
SS Squad 8 September 2019 04:54
10 minutes and 1 second* Gotta get that ad rev
volkan şenol
volkan şenol 6 September 2019 12:34
arkada çalan müzik kime ait bilen var mı??? baslar falan çok fena
Nguyễn Tuấn Anh
Nguyễn Tuấn Anh 5 September 2019 19:48
Tiền đạo made in Alentico chưa bao giờ làm chúng ta thất vọng
Recent Autorijschool
Recent Autorijschool 5 September 2019 17:45
Hi like if Felix is better than mbappe
Bernardo Branco
Bernardo Branco 5 September 2019 05:25
É impressionante a quantidade de bolas que o Seferovic desperdiça á frente do GR
Big boy Juan
Big boy Juan 5 September 2019 02:07
Fucking goat
Imran Beast
Imran Beast 4 September 2019 22:33
A bit underrated Sos for spelling
Zidni Efriani
Zidni Efriani 4 September 2019 18:52
The nex kaka
Issa hataki
Issa hataki 4 September 2019 07:53
Like pato and kaka ❤️
Mohamed Hafez
Mohamed Hafez 4 September 2019 01:37
Wow man João flixHe is very good
spieletippser 3 September 2019 17:58
El Cid
El Cid 3 September 2019 06:25
Buen talento, la verdad. Es el Diego Lainez portugués :D
Okta dr
Okta dr 3 September 2019 06:23
He''s next kaka with deadly instinct
artist 3 September 2019 05:46
imagine what iniesta would be worth if he was like 18 at present day right now. he would be like at least 250 mil
David Carter
David Carter 2 September 2019 18:56
I know who Felix is but who is Griezmann?!
Абдуманноб Акрамов
Абдуманноб Акрамов 2 September 2019 18:36
5:52 😳😳
Samy Bouhank
Samy Bouhank 2 September 2019 13:34
please what's the name of the song in the intro
Yousuf Midday
Yousuf Midday 2 September 2019 08:37
Future king of La Liga
Rapeners Pakpahan
Rapeners Pakpahan 2 September 2019 01:29
im not sure he is as good as his boombastic price.
Gabriel Ødgren
Gabriel Ødgren 1 September 2019 22:46
3:40 Omg that pass is unreal😍
Hussein Mazhar
Hussein Mazhar 1 September 2019 07:47
Over rated
Fati GMR
Fati GMR 31 August 2019 20:53
🇵🇹love from morocco🇲🇦❤
Ismael Acp
Ismael Acp 30 August 2019 16:33
...Now a days Everything ... is too much ...
Jayishnu Paul
Jayishnu Paul 30 August 2019 12:44
Verstappen 30 August 2019 01:28
this guy is very good player but 126 M? too much.
SkyrReeZ 28 August 2019 12:51
Everybody's Friend
Everybody's Friend 27 August 2019 23:23
But one thing for them who compare Felix to young Ronaldo, he's not even closer to that young Ronaldo and never will be... that speed, unique play style, innovative disrespectful skills, shot, pass, dribble, header, ambidextousness, completeness, game reading will remain the most unique ever among young players🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali 27 August 2019 19:00
My Opinion is : The Idiots from Atletic Madrid who payed 120 Mio Euro bought an Fugasi. You will see
29. Fasai Uppalee
29. Fasai Uppalee 27 August 2019 05:21
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