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Intel Kore
Intel Kore 31 August 2019 11:54
Pfft, Kubo they say... I say Felix!
jayfer lobo solitario Quaifunk
jayfer lobo solitario Quaifunk 18 August 2019 12:02
Cómo ciempre ramos un cochino de mierda como no lo quiebran neta
Metiazel Junior
Metiazel Junior 12 August 2019 18:19
Qiqe Sanju
Qiqe Sanju 12 August 2019 17:39
間桐慎司 12 August 2019 16:48
Huzaifa AhMad
Huzaifa AhMad 12 August 2019 06:31
I think he is more talented than Mbappe
Sub Zer0
Sub Zer0 11 August 2019 23:05
This kid is special. It looks so effortless everything brilliant thing he does. That’s when you know you’re going to be a star. But what makes him standout is his controll and vision. Very smart player.
Djalale Boulame
Djalale Boulame 11 August 2019 22:21
Very weak plyare Adam and people meuch better than him
Elvira Eustaquio
Elvira Eustaquio 11 August 2019 02:54
like quien habla español
88 88
88 88 10 August 2019 19:47
Mano nem pro cr7 participa da copa de 2022 esse ataque vai ser monstro, João Félix e CR7 😎💪
earl mansfield
earl mansfield 9 August 2019 22:21
Young kaka
Ez Gaming
Ez Gaming 8 August 2019 15:07
This dude is gold! Portugal just got a whole lot better
Joao Felix
Joao Felix 6 August 2019 14:49
Atm is really good on buying their players... They definitely 🔥 this season....
Naima Ettaryfy
Naima Ettaryfy 6 August 2019 01:28
New legend
Alex brein
Alex brein 5 August 2019 06:57
la reencarnación de Ricardo kaka que jugador con clase
EDM Castle
EDM Castle 4 August 2019 21:38
Best signing of this season.
Edward Siregar
Edward Siregar 4 August 2019 10:14
More than CR.
quinlan mccormack
quinlan mccormack 4 August 2019 01:25
Plays a little bit like a young aguero but with more playmaking ability
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok 3 August 2019 21:20
Debut against Real Madrid but showed great maturity at such an age, this guy is good no doubt
TagusMan 3 August 2019 19:37
Yeah, but Portugal suck. They're overrated. They play boring ugly football. They always get lucky in tournaments. Penaldo sucks even though he always seems to carry his sucky team. Portugal is the hand up Mona Lisa's skirt. We've got the Euro. We've got the Nations league, which is nice too. And soon. The World Cup. Believe it. It's coming. In the name of Figo and Eusebio and Vasco da Gama, we will bring it home.
Alex /
Alex / 2 August 2019 23:53
maybe the best ever. now you notice it more and more
MrNiceGuy 2 August 2019 21:53
The level of class by this young player is warrant the hype.
Benito Gallegos
Benito Gallegos 2 August 2019 06:05
Like si eres latinoamericano
Andrew Crepaldi
Andrew Crepaldi 2 August 2019 04:27
he falls too much
Saito Fett
Saito Fett 2 August 2019 03:00
Can someone tell me the name of the song? I know this is a remix of You and Me by DJ Goja, just can't find this version anywhere.
jacinto benavente
jacinto benavente 2 August 2019 00:52
Que pintaza de Super Crack tiene este Joao Felix.
THE BROTHERS WAR 1 August 2019 22:53
O estilo d jg do João,é uma mistura d Kaka com Antonie Grizz.... o modo d correr e se movimentar é mais similar ao Grizz qnt ao modo d atacar a bola,é mais parecido com o Kaka . Mas vejo mais similaridade com o Grizz ate na postura corporal,sempre ereto.
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz 1 August 2019 22:52
Im surprised atletico was able to gather that much money for a player
Miguel Alves
Miguel Alves 1 August 2019 22:07
Song name?
Matheus Santos
Matheus Santos 1 August 2019 21:58
TTV JuStIcE-GaNg ツ
TTV JuStIcE-GaNg ツ 1 August 2019 16:46
When I told people he was a good signing, they laughed at me
João Godinho
João Godinho 1 August 2019 15:02
Doesn´t take much imagination to see where the overwhelming majority of "overrated player" screams came and still come from...
Hulk El hombre increible
Hulk El hombre increible 1 August 2019 14:55
Audio tan mierda
Danny Hustle
Danny Hustle 1 August 2019 13:56
Leonardo borda oliveros
Leonardo borda oliveros 1 August 2019 13:55
Este man va hacer el nuevo cristiano , ah James como crecerias en este atlético pero te quedaste como suplente en el real
cochoche 1 August 2019 12:29
B-Side Ourselves
B-Side Ourselves 1 August 2019 10:10
Felix better than hazard ~chelsea fans
Zbriu 1 August 2019 06:37
Just wait till he starts hitting the gym
Lord Hades
Lord Hades 1 August 2019 05:36
Felix just scored 1 and assisted 1 against MLS All-stars.
P N 1 August 2019 05:05
He is incredible, only 19 years old and his smart play is much better than others 19-20 years old right now. I m sure he will worth many more millions in a couple years...
hi itisme
hi itisme 1 August 2019 00:33
this year i don'y know, which dpanish team i am going to support, i think flex will change ma mind. good perfomance diego simone
Diable Lanji
Diable Lanji 31 July 2019 16:59
World Cup 2022....Portugal and Argentina have 1 thing going for them...Their Attack. J. Felix - C. Ronaldo - B. SilvaP. Dybala - S. Aguero - L. Messi
Pink Milk
Pink Milk 31 July 2019 09:52
He kinda reminds me of Kaka
Neem Carry
Neem Carry 31 July 2019 07:59
Another no.7 from portugal
Prevenix Segurança
Prevenix Segurança 31 July 2019 05:43
Primeira vez que vi jogar e gostei do futebol do cara ! Joga muito mas vamos ver como vai ser a temporada dele tem tudo pra ser craque
Chooty ali
Chooty ali 31 July 2019 03:17
He's playing like pro ⚽😎
sidney somao
sidney somao 31 July 2019 01:58
He has a good vision of the game!!!
Pi7on -
Pi7on - 31 July 2019 01:18
To All The Doubters And Haters: Where Are You Now?
Xyz123 321zyx
Xyz123 321zyx 31 July 2019 00:51
next better griezmann
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez 30 July 2019 23:04
Eusebio , Rui Costa , luis figo , c Ronaldo, João Felix
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