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CANESFAN 1430! 22 November 2019 14:42
Sorry everyone for the late post, I’ve been sick for the past couple of days, what a game by the canes, great job by PETR THE GREAT!!! Another great team game a great team win!!! Let’s go CANES, GG hawks!!!💯🏒🥅
4k_0nthel3ft 21 November 2019 18:09
Trash no call on Aho boarding and cross checking Kane
bryan pitchford
bryan pitchford 21 November 2019 16:36
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Book of shadows contributor Brian 20 November 2019 16:41
24th comment 🐠🐟🐡🐬🐳
The Greater One
The Greater One 20 November 2019 15:11
Sucks we lost but I love watching the hurricanes they imo play the most fun to watch hockey in the league
Håkan Westerdahl
Håkan Westerdahl 20 November 2019 10:28
Feel sorry for Lehner , pathetic D from the Blackhawks 🇸🇪💪
Jordan Perepolkin
Jordan Perepolkin 20 November 2019 09:05
Tom Johansson
Tom Johansson 20 November 2019 07:59
Hey! Here is an idea! Dont leave Lehner out to dry!!! One of the greatest goalies in the league.
Dragovich Tomlinson
Dragovich Tomlinson 20 November 2019 07:15
Svechnikov is amazing.Russian players are really stepping up in the NHL last few years. Kucherov, Tarasenko, Ovechkin, now there's Gurianov, Svechnikov, Dadonov. Forgive me if I have left anyone out.
valera 12345
valera 12345 20 November 2019 07:03
У свечи кистевой как у Тарасенко.
Александр Титяев
Александр Титяев 20 November 2019 06:57
Свечников красава
Davis Linkaits
Davis Linkaits 20 November 2019 06:54
Giveaway after giveaway, after giveaway...hawks, LEARN TO F*CKING DEFEND for god sake
Connor Leeson
Connor Leeson 20 November 2019 06:50
Putting Svech-Aho-Teravainen on a line could be absolutely disgusting. League better watch out.
toyota yaris
toyota yaris 20 November 2019 06:49
The canes have an amazing young core, gotta feel good for them
Vivid Replic
Vivid Replic 20 November 2019 06:46
Why no John Forslund 😔
Thomas Wu
Thomas Wu 20 November 2019 06:45
Svechnikov has developed into a lethal sniper.
CANT THINK OF A NAME 20 November 2019 06:44
I'm still not used to the away jerseys for the Canes
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 20 November 2019 06:43
Quenneville would win the cup with this roster
Justin Hall
Justin Hall 20 November 2019 06:43
The Svech-Aho-Teravainen line is gonna be lethal
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