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FJMagical 9 September 2019 21:14
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MGR 23 October 2019 13:42
9:11 Messi knew
Senn Zwyygart
Senn Zwyygart 23 October 2019 13:33
Have you never seen La Remontada. idiot.
Justin Lee
Justin Lee 23 October 2019 13:23
Those missed chip shots at the end by Barca were like an omen. Well in hindsight haha
ASN ANY 23 October 2019 13:00
3-0 emang sakit...tapi lebih sakit menyayat 0-4
Bam Leith
Bam Leith 23 October 2019 11:15
Salah wearing the Never Give Up shirt as well :')
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Camisetas futbol 23 October 2019 06:13
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Alexander Bullen
Alexander Bullen 23 October 2019 01:40
Barca robbed. What a dick move from Trent.
Sk Suleman
Sk Suleman 23 October 2019 00:53
I've seen this match. Liverpool won that match but Messi was classical. None of Liverpool players can match his class.
Faizan Parkhaniya
Faizan Parkhaniya 22 October 2019 22:14
that pass by Messi at 5:11 😮
progyan das
progyan das 22 October 2019 20:38
“That was a chance to win the tie “Oh dembele
Peter Wood-Jenkins
Peter Wood-Jenkins 22 October 2019 19:01
It'sJustCasey 22 October 2019 18:53
1:08 that bug scared me lmao
Cannon Fodder
Cannon Fodder 22 October 2019 15:51
15:51 ...corner taken quickly origiiii
Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa
Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa 22 October 2019 10:57
I'll never get used to bearded Messi.
Salvatore Viscuso
Salvatore Viscuso 22 October 2019 09:19
Barcelona v Psg 6-1 is the greatest comeback ever
Any Thing
Any Thing 22 October 2019 06:53
imagine Cristiano was playing instead of messi. He would have never let these happen
Dapo Michaels
Dapo Michaels 22 October 2019 04:31
Come backs that give you goose bumps!
ToTheSmithies! 91
ToTheSmithies! 91 22 October 2019 01:47
Still get the bumps evrtym i watch it....!YNWA
captaingreek 22 October 2019 00:39
The 2.3K likes come from Liverpool fans...all of them!
Gamer899 22 October 2019 00:17
at 15:55 Suarez already celebrating the goal
L. A. H.
L. A. H. 21 October 2019 23:52
Tanto nadar para morir en la Origi...
Felipe Gonçalves
Felipe Gonçalves 21 October 2019 23:08
Baita virada
Suh Dude
Suh Dude 21 October 2019 22:54
What is this title???? Barca vs PSG was a way better comeback than this
Arild Sjømæling
Arild Sjømæling 21 October 2019 22:20
Barcelona Messi
murat murattt
murat murattt 21 October 2019 21:05
Real Madrid never do the same mistakes which barca did. That’s why real is the best club of the century.
Madaale 143
Madaale 143 21 October 2019 20:43
Suarez big
Mauritian squad pubg lite
Mauritian squad pubg lite 21 October 2019 20:25
Oun mal erire
wasim parray
wasim parray 21 October 2019 19:52
Daniel Krawczyk
Daniel Krawczyk 21 October 2019 19:45
Greatest comeback ever? How about when Barcelona went 6-1 to comeback against PSG?
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas 21 October 2019 18:15
3:24 they say messi still rolling like a clown
Lotus 21 October 2019 17:36
When is this?
Lotus 21 October 2019 17:29
Liverpool players is so shit
Johhny 21 October 2019 16:55
NesriAli 95
NesriAli 95 21 October 2019 15:24
The greatest comeback ever was Barca - PSG (6-1)
Daniel Gregson
Daniel Gregson 21 October 2019 15:00
Who in the actual fuck is officiating these UEFA games? So much horrendous bias against the English teams. See it every year.
pablo 21 October 2019 14:45
finally after 30 years lol
Hruaizela Chhangte
Hruaizela Chhangte 21 October 2019 14:29
Who Still got those goosebumps watching this match???
GD MANUTD 21 October 2019 13:27
This isn't the greatest comeback in history. The one where Neymar was a Barcelona against PSG is.
The Crow
The Crow 21 October 2019 12:54
The greatest comeback ever period, truly you'll never walk alone
GUCCI EMO 21 October 2019 09:02
Its not really a good comeback. Still can't beat that Psg comeback. This game was cool and all but If Barcelona scored 1 goal in the 2nd leg. Liverpool would have had there heads down. What I am trying to say is that Liverpool didn't get rushed like Barcelona in 2017. They had the chance of being in there home country. There Home field. Same with Barcelona. 4-0. Not as 6-1 having a goal against them in the away goal.
John Hu
John Hu 21 October 2019 07:18
Messi, what a coward
m farhan perdana
m farhan perdana 21 October 2019 07:06
Itu pemain liverpul belom ngopi
Temituoyo Etuwewe
Temituoyo Etuwewe 21 October 2019 04:32
Greatest comebackBarca psg was an american football game
Mr. Leiduowen
Mr. Leiduowen 21 October 2019 04:13
Barcelona didn't take well the new dress color in the rematch. That's why.
Thomas Mick
Thomas Mick 21 October 2019 02:00
We actually played so well in the first leg
Enrique Mendoza
Enrique Mendoza 21 October 2019 01:53
This was not the best comback the best comback was barca vs psg
ok 21 October 2019 01:37
Camp nou didnt make as much noise as Anfield
TrawlrZ 21 October 2019 00:45
4 words.corner.taken.quickly.ORIGIII
Papi Soundwave
Papi Soundwave 21 October 2019 00:42
Esta es la maldicion que se provocó el Barça por los robos descarados del 2009 y 2017. cayo el karma en 2018 y 2019 les remontaron una diferencia de 3 goles y sin ayudas arbitrales
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