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Shannon Wilson
Shannon Wilson 17 November 2019 03:29
Canucks could be almost scary if had good goaltending. (Good goaltending means instead of bad goal a game, make that save in the game)
Damien Chance
Damien Chance 16 November 2019 22:16
Wow... crunch - a - rama @ 0:15
Bryan Ouellet
Bryan Ouellet 16 November 2019 05:34
Canucks getting eaten up now.
Dragovich Tomlinson
Dragovich Tomlinson 16 November 2019 03:05
Good job Stars! + LEAFS FAN
CanadianGirl 26
CanadianGirl 26 16 November 2019 00:19
Great win Stars! ⭐️💚🏒
HOBBIT cadillac
HOBBIT cadillac 15 November 2019 23:53
markstrom needs to leave
Anthony Hudson
Anthony Hudson 15 November 2019 21:53
😂😂😂😂 canucks 😂😂😂😂
iamchyennechyenneiam 15 November 2019 20:44
Gurianov!!! OMG Sick mitts, dirty dangles, bardownski and celly.
Loui Eriksson
Loui Eriksson 15 November 2019 20:32
I blame green. Bad coaching
Толян Коп
Толян Коп 15 November 2019 18:31
Комбинэйшен у звёзд получилась на загляденье.Радул молодец.
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Book of shadows contributor Brian 15 November 2019 18:07
55th comment 🐞🕚🇬🇲
Haqim Al-Arabia
Haqim Al-Arabia 15 November 2019 18:00
Where's Loui?
jep jep
jep jep 15 November 2019 16:52
Oli varmasti tarkotuksellinen syöttö mirolta. Selostaja tuu ny pois sieltä
Alex Murphy
Alex Murphy 15 November 2019 16:27
Miro definitely meant for that to be a pass....
bundeswehr 15 November 2019 14:56
Demko > Markstrom...
Veni Vidi Vici
Veni Vidi Vici 15 November 2019 14:08
Yes, it was an intended pass to Seguin
Its Ginny
Its Ginny 15 November 2019 12:17
Can they not afford gear in Dallas? Benn and Seguin still wearing Easton lol
CarlosMensuckass 15 November 2019 12:07
Oh man, Gurianov after he lands that second swing right on Jordie's jaw and the elder Benn doesn't flinch, it looks like he literally goes, "Aw damnit." LOL! Was a great game, Horvat had me scared a few times. Best of luck Canucks, against every other team but mine! :)
Korben Dallas
Korben Dallas 15 November 2019 12:02
4:13 ...Pavs with the sword sheath!
Lord BossaNova
Lord BossaNova 15 November 2019 11:55
Cavemen attitudes. We surely are worth more than that.
conor mcgregors face when he threw the dolly
conor mcgregors face when he threw the dolly 15 November 2019 11:55
God job Travis Green, let the losing streak begin! #ThisIsWhatWeLoseFor #TravisGreen #COTY #TeamTank #TankNation
Angelo Da conceicao
Angelo Da conceicao 15 November 2019 11:21
Markstrom can't win a game .Trade Time Markstrom just suck ,played better with Demko for just ride Demko now let him play .
Eric S.
Eric S. 15 November 2019 10:43
Hoping the canucks can get Alexis lafreniere.... oh wait we gave our first round pick to Tampa 😖😖😖😖😖😖
Sal Kahila
Sal Kahila 15 November 2019 10:00
Shorthouse pronounces Heiskanen really well, but Garrett pronounces it differently every time... Lol...
Z.W.M 15 November 2019 09:47
Обидно , досадно но ладно.
nils4545 15 November 2019 09:36
Did you see the types of goals Dallas did, that's what Canucks are missing, actual goals on breakaways, and nice ones at that. Canucks are stable as a team, but this is what the team is missing. You never see Canucks get into a 2vs1 situation for example. If change doesn't happen this team won't make the Playoffs.
Beatle Toons
Beatle Toons 15 November 2019 09:26
well i am no longer interested in hoping the canucks will make the playoffs because its clear that they dont care , as long as they get paid their millions why should they . Perhaps maybe if they only got paid by their performances , meaning if you win you get paid for a full day , if you lose you get paid for showing up , maybe then they would feel the urge to give it all they have , or maybe they are giving it their all which means , they are twigs dressed up as pines and only wasting our time
Sean McDonnell
Sean McDonnell 15 November 2019 09:05
Okay, after a quarter of the way through the season you can see the cream starting to rise to the top... I'm having my doubts the Canucks will make the playoffs... at best they can make a wild card spot, but that means they'll have to be better than teams like Dallas, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Phoenix, ect... I'm not seeing this happening.
Peter Chairelli
Peter Chairelli 15 November 2019 09:04
Who remembers when the Canucks won the cup in October?
Feedback4Utoday 15 November 2019 08:59
Canucks score either 1 or 2. Glad they got 2... So need to keep opponent to 1 goal. Have to tighten up.
the goalie#1
the goalie#1 15 November 2019 08:46
I just love to watch heiskanen and especially his passes😍 that kid is amazing👌
toyota yaris
toyota yaris 15 November 2019 08:44
Damn radu that was dummy moist
Mehmet Scholes
Mehmet Scholes 15 November 2019 08:40
The Hockey Guy derby
Nicholas Louie
Nicholas Louie 15 November 2019 08:38
As a canucks fan I love them but learn how to clear the puck from your own zone and get a shot through sometimes 😑
Meg Films
Meg Films 15 November 2019 08:34
Dowling got a patent on the drag goal
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