Juventus 4-3 Napoli | CR7 Scores as Juventus Beat Napoli in 7-Goal Thriller! | Serie A

juventus napoli

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gerardo flores
gerardo flores Today, 08:29
Nápoli lost because of the black defense own goal and bad marking yo Higuaín
R and A Challenges
R and A Challenges Yesterday, 21:10
mixio hili
mixio hili 20 September 2019 07:31
Éxito Irving "chucky" Lozano ! #MADEINMEXICO
Hiep Huu
Hiep Huu 19 September 2019 18:25
ash unknown
ash unknown 18 September 2019 11:41
lol higuin can drible oast koubaily hahahahahaha
ash unknown
ash unknown 18 September 2019 11:39
hahaha napoli lose
Kendall Berryman
Kendall Berryman 18 September 2019 11:07
Andrea Del Pilar Meneses
Andrea Del Pilar Meneses 18 September 2019 04:15
Que buena la serie A
alida flus
alida flus 17 September 2019 23:56
Turkısh hello ❤ ı love you ITALY 💙
ali hemed
ali hemed 17 September 2019 20:33
if you are here bcs napoli is facing liverpool hit like
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 17 September 2019 12:25
I dont know why but I keep rewatching this game?
coogko moim
coogko moim 17 September 2019 05:38
Watch Cristiano Ronaldo at 0:15
PochitoGC 16 September 2019 07:50
Se me hace muy antideportivo que todavía festejen la victoria que prácticamente por un error consiguieron porque en el segundo tiempo con el primer gol del Nápoli la Juventus se quedó como si no supiera jugar fútbol
bilias hour
bilias hour 16 September 2019 06:44
Ronaldo can score once in a game and he’d still be in the title of a video.
Alex Massaad
Alex Massaad 16 September 2019 03:16
0:12 Man Down
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 15 September 2019 22:21
That turn and shot was world class from Higuain. He look Koulibaly out of the game 😱⚽
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 14 September 2019 20:32
Cr7 you are legend... Subc me all,i will subc back
laforet franck
laforet franck 14 September 2019 17:58
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felicia monteiro
felicia monteiro 14 September 2019 17:25
Só dele
Joyeng Mortera
Joyeng Mortera 14 September 2019 17:14
Juve is no longer a dominant force this year. Inter is probably a stronger team this time
ريالية وأفتخر
ريالية وأفتخر 14 September 2019 16:53
GR7 💪💪💪
Rusdiansah asus
Rusdiansah asus 14 September 2019 13:44
Sektor pertahanan perlu diperbaiki
hen ko
hen ko 14 September 2019 10:53
What a high profile drama it was
Tengis Tseyendash
Tengis Tseyendash 14 September 2019 05:05
I think that Koulibalywantsto sign for Juventus tho
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 14 September 2019 03:53
I liked it very much i am very thankfull?
Rahma ps3 tri sakti
Rahma ps3 tri sakti 13 September 2019 03:24
Cr7 you are legend...Subc me all,i will subc back
CPACETROOLLOLYTVIP 13 September 2019 02:29
Juventus ganó sólo por pura suerte
Chrismene Rene
Chrismene Rene 12 September 2019 20:29
Chrismene Rene
Chrismene Rene 12 September 2019 20:29
Mal programme malpougra
Chrismene Rene
Chrismene Rene 12 September 2019 20:27
Mal programme malpougra Alami un toboggan à Coogan
Chrismene Rene
Chrismene Rene 12 September 2019 20:22
Daniel Mendy
Daniel Mendy 12 September 2019 18:18
please ea sports please
Cooper Palm
Cooper Palm 12 September 2019 11:14
Ronaldo like Messi comment
Teilo Turner
Teilo Turner 12 September 2019 09:09
Kalidou Koulibaly. He has the IQ of the average uneducated Affrican
Cường Tô Việt
Cường Tô Việt 12 September 2019 08:04
ronaldo fan in vietnam <3 <3 <3
Elias2017 Mansilla
Elias2017 Mansilla 12 September 2019 06:02
Cr7 lo único que entendi
Mav 94
Mav 94 11 September 2019 16:06
How can people enjoy Serie A every year when it ends so one sided...
yogisfits 11 September 2019 06:52
gol..gol..gool...goooolll...Cristiano Ronaldo
crt. 1KYNE
crt. 1KYNE 10 September 2019 21:51
15 M viewers ??😱😱😱
Deep hug
Deep hug 10 September 2019 19:47
That must’ve been so heartbreaking to Napoli to lose on an own goal after coming back from 3-0. I really wouldn’t want to be that defender.
Jose Enrique Filos
Jose Enrique Filos 10 September 2019 19:01
only came here for el chuky.
Crazy Legend
Crazy Legend 10 September 2019 15:34
Feel bad for koulibaly
Remona T
Remona T 10 September 2019 12:33
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바둑 펀치
바둑 펀치 10 September 2019 10:55
ッLord539 10 September 2019 04:35
I just realized Napoli bought Lozano. I respected that man a lot before, and now that he has a bigger club he's even cooler
famous Clark
famous Clark 10 September 2019 04:28
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giorgos kampas
giorgos kampas 10 September 2019 02:11
De ligt's own goal was so fail but koulibaly's was epic
giorgos kampas
giorgos kampas 10 September 2019 02:10
It's not mAnolas it's manolAs :)
Bayz Z
Bayz Z 10 September 2019 00:06
It's not juventus is permonte calico
ovv 9 September 2019 23:37
Mexican people is supporting Napoli
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