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Tony Z
Tony Z 9 December 2019 05:35
Love those new lightning jerseys. Wow. Also, gg. Lol
svat pokr
svat pokr 8 December 2019 10:27
Кучеров приуныл.
ander 8 December 2019 09:31
When did martin jones start playing for tampa? wtf?
Koding Krusader
Koding Krusader 8 December 2019 09:06
My neighbor knocked on my apartment door bc it's 1am and the goal horns just kept going off lol
melandq 87
melandq 87 8 December 2019 08:37
Evander kane is a douchebag. I love seeing the sharks lose
Dee Mitra
Dee Mitra 8 December 2019 08:20
акулы испанский стыд просто
Scott Hedley
Scott Hedley 8 December 2019 08:15
Even though Sharks are winning games, it feels like every other day I watch their highlights they’re getting blown out
Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants
Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants 8 December 2019 07:41
This is on our gm WIlson he didnt want to replace Jones and he didnt want to upgrade from Dell who is much worse in the offseason.He gave Karlson that stupid contract instead of letting both him and Joe go and just matching what Joonas Donskoi who is having the best year of his career for a small fraction of what Karlson makes.Even if we stay married to Jones for his contract we need to replace Dell and get a goalie who is better than Jones.I think even if we had the greatest coach in the NHL it would be very hard if not impossible to win a cup with this roster.I think we still will make the playoffs but in the playoffs we dont have the talent to win it all.
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Book of shadows contributor Brian 8 December 2019 07:10
22th comment 💳💎💰
Sand Man
Sand Man 8 December 2019 05:42
It's a good day when Sharks lose. Better when they get massacred.
Khuong Khuu
Khuong Khuu 8 December 2019 05:40
I don't Understand Dave Misskin saying HE'S SCORE 7 Times.Tampa Bay Lightning on ESPN 850 GAINESVILLE & FOX NEWSRADIO 970 AM WFLA.
Oblivion 8 December 2019 05:39
Tampa Bay Lighting = Die Mannschaft
Дмитрий Ванин
Дмитрий Ванин 8 December 2019 05:36
Бублик у Васи сорвался.
A YouTube Guy
A YouTube Guy 8 December 2019 05:31
stammer ! that shot
J M 8 December 2019 05:19
Mike S
Mike S 8 December 2019 05:17
Was getting a headache with all those goal horns.
Sean Galvin
Sean Galvin 8 December 2019 05:17
is this even a thing? guess we are brazil country team now. #firedeboer #firewilson
Mike S
Mike S 8 December 2019 05:16
Martin Jones is so great in goal.
NicRaider99 8 December 2019 05:16
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