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Kandi Tackett
Kandi Tackett 19 November 2019 10:56
Kandi Tackett
Kandi Tackett 19 November 2019 10:56
Jason Nanooch
Jason Nanooch 18 November 2019 16:40
Jordan Perepolkin
Jordan Perepolkin 18 November 2019 08:17
Stars and blues both sweep the western Canada road swing Mcdavid still on fire 6 points than 3 omg
gereral1 18 November 2019 07:51
McDavid 6 points last game, this on 3. 9 points in 2 games.
Иршат Мукатдисов
Иршат Мукатдисов 18 November 2019 04:27
Бостон Вашингтон хороший матч!
Иршат Мукатдисов
Иршат Мукатдисов 18 November 2019 04:26
Не плохо Даласс!
Jason Nanooch
Jason Nanooch 17 November 2019 22:17
. .mc,c
Do py
Do py 17 November 2019 20:41
0:56 OH SNAP !!!!!!!!
Sneaky Pete
Sneaky Pete 17 November 2019 19:30
McDavid is awful on defense. He always checks out defensively.
ClearSky Productions
ClearSky Productions 17 November 2019 17:12
I went to the crapper when it was 3-4 and thought it was basically overI came out literally right after the Stars score the game winning goal
lAmCanad1an 17 November 2019 10:22
I know he's on a huge point tear right now but does anyone else think McDavid looks burnt out? I think they're using him to much already..
Jay Cuthbert
Jay Cuthbert 17 November 2019 09:51
why was Nurse stick checking on the winning goal, that pee wee hockey
WILD Kamchatka
WILD Kamchatka 17 November 2019 09:37
Нравится мне Даллас, не знаю почему но нравится команда! Отличный среднячок, готовый к штурму крепости где хранится заветная чаша)
Moso 17 November 2019 09:09
That Heiskanen kid is pretty good.
DmitryC h
DmitryC h 17 November 2019 08:50
Радулов надел Шапку-невидимку?
SelfAccountable 17 November 2019 08:17
Stars winning still even without Klingberg, Hintz, and Janmark.
Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson 17 November 2019 08:16
Great defense by Nurse on the OT winner.
SelfAccountable 17 November 2019 08:16
Since moving to Dallas, the Stars have absolutely dominated Edmonton both at home and away.
Bill Morgan
Bill Morgan 17 November 2019 08:06
Jack Eichel >>> Connie McDavid
Arte Mon
Arte Mon 17 November 2019 08:01
Даллас мастеровитые, и стиль игры советский...
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Book of shadows contributor Brian 17 November 2019 07:32
stars shine bright.
Tex Willer
Tex Willer 17 November 2019 06:48
Gurianov has potential. Not as fighter, but he dangles and accelerates nicely.
Dale byron Dale byron
Dale byron Dale byron 17 November 2019 06:46
I don't understand the Oilers Fans the organization charges an arm and a leg for tickets they still support these losers they will never make the playoffs they need my boy Wayne Gretzky
Tex Willer
Tex Willer 17 November 2019 06:42
I’ve never seen a back-hand goal like Benn’s before.
PatientMental 17 November 2019 05:17
You can almost guarantee Draisaitl will bury it given the chance
Veni Vidi Vici
Veni Vidi Vici 17 November 2019 05:08
He found a little piece of quiet
Cody James
Cody James 17 November 2019 05:02
I didnt see Pavelski once, what happened to him? lol
DarkDays 17 November 2019 04:18
Stars beat McDavid and Draisaitl
Eric Ho
Eric Ho 17 November 2019 04:11
too many d holes .
brettskii84 17 November 2019 04:07
This Oilers announcer cracks me up every time I watch Oilers highlites. His calls of opposition goals have to be the most drab and depressing thing on TV. You can be a homer and still have some emotion.
Scarecrow7 17 November 2019 04:06
Jaime Benn was promised a bag of Ketchup Chips if he had a good game today.
Андрей Саблин
Андрей Саблин 17 November 2019 03:52
Mackenzie Gurry
Mackenzie Gurry 17 November 2019 03:52
Nothing better than when the stinky oilers let in three in a row too lose the game! Yikes they're a bad hockey team.
Lou Ders
Lou Ders 17 November 2019 03:38
That's what happens when u go into a defensive shell and play not to lose
Joe Hoe
Joe Hoe 17 November 2019 03:21
Oilers really blew this one, but they're still an amazing scoring machine...but really based on one guy...McDavid.
Deserves to be Heard
Deserves to be Heard 17 November 2019 03:19
0:54 Save of the year so far.
Rylan Moffatt
Rylan Moffatt 17 November 2019 03:07
How the fuk do you lose that
WorldWide Records
WorldWide Records 17 November 2019 03:02
mcd: 3 pts tonight. dry: 2 pts
Oil Town74
Oil Town74 17 November 2019 02:56
Hmm kosky slow in the 3rd too bad.
footytang 17 November 2019 02:50
Oiler's D gotta pick that dude up in the slot. They scored the same goal 3 times in a row boys. A point is a point I guess but that should have been an easy win.
jimboy 00
jimboy 00 17 November 2019 02:39
Heiskanen is so good
Jim Big
Jim Big 17 November 2019 02:34
0:53 that save
Joshua Gill
Joshua Gill 17 November 2019 02:34
Tough loss, not enough offence in the third was our problem. Still got a point though.
The21abc 17 November 2019 02:33
As an oilers fan, great comeback by Dallas.
CANT THINK OF A NAME 17 November 2019 02:33
And to think Dallas started the season 1-7
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