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Marrex. Ru
Marrex. Ru 13 December 2019 22:43
Радулов красавчег!
Oliver Skasberg
Oliver Skasberg 9 December 2019 23:05
Finally back on track
Юрий Зорин
Юрий Зорин 9 December 2019 20:02
Радулов помолодел!!
Jason Nanooch
Jason Nanooch 9 December 2019 02:02
dl +÷#
Алекс Ружевский
Алекс Ружевский 8 December 2019 22:21
"Радс" красавец! В целом равная игра в конце
Андрей Чайка
Андрей Чайка 8 December 2019 19:49
Не ну наши сегодня звёзды по-любому
Rich N
Rich N 8 December 2019 19:30
Is it just me or the guy with the “#BANG” is always at the game?
Владимир Самуйлов
Владимир Самуйлов 8 December 2019 18:06
За отскок от конька однозначно лойс.
76ers fan
76ers fan 8 December 2019 16:35
Why does the Islanders act like they can't play hockey away from home
76ers fan
76ers fan 8 December 2019 16:19
I'm not afraid to say it I'm done with the Islanders I'll be a Flyers fan
Владимир Первушин
Владимир Первушин 8 December 2019 15:35
Почин ничушкина подхвачен😎👍🤗 все россияне заиграли и стали много забивать💪😎👍
Вадим 8 December 2019 14:31
Кстати Саша всегда неплохо играет против Айлов!
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Book of shadows contributor Brian 8 December 2019 11:31
27th comment
Qazwsx Edcrfv
Qazwsx Edcrfv 8 December 2019 09:53
Саня бороду с брил и понеслось
Crimsonfang 8 December 2019 09:45
Nice win Stars! Would be nice to have a little more consistency, though. We're either the best team or the worst team at any given time.
Jeffrey Adams
Jeffrey Adams 8 December 2019 09:42
It’s not a “reactionary thing”. It’s simply a reaction.
Артем Майоров
Артем Майоров 8 December 2019 09:36
earthrabbit02 8 December 2019 09:12
Barzal was in the box for like 2 of the stars power play goals lol
Al14stroy Al14stroy
Al14stroy Al14stroy 8 December 2019 08:57
Как можно было засчитать первый гол Старз!!?!? Раду с возвращением!!!!
Hockey Skills
Hockey Skills 8 December 2019 08:39
Радул 🤘🏻
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise 8 December 2019 08:36
Islanders offense is a disaster
Vinneola 8 December 2019 08:20
yeah that isnt good for new york. they really need offense and quick
Trevor Perkins
Trevor Perkins 8 December 2019 07:53
First goal should not have counted in my opinion
Serega Ovchinnikov
Serega Ovchinnikov 8 December 2019 07:49
Радулов радует!!
Lihis 8 December 2019 07:36
Radulov is a beast
TheRealManatee 8 December 2019 07:29
Leafs won and the Isles and Bruins lost? Good night indeed.
J.R. Wooly
J.R. Wooly 8 December 2019 07:27
Good win for the Stars!
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