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Mulph Mullesson
Mulph Mullesson 17 November 2019 08:50
Haula had one cross check and TWO slashings on Johan Larsson, no call. That Larsson Goal were one of the most painful goal to score. Looked like punishment Peter Forsberg and others got back in the day. But nowadays these slashes should be called...
Anthony Fashona
Anthony Fashona 17 November 2019 03:58
Garbage goaltending is killing them again
Jason Nanooch
Jason Nanooch 16 November 2019 17:57
0l p l
Shank 16 November 2019 10:12
NHL is saturated with bs goals at the moment. It’s like no one has heard of defense. Worlds best league, not likely.
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Book of shadows contributor Brian 16 November 2019 07:11
hi folks
CanadianGirl 26
CanadianGirl 26 16 November 2019 00:43
Bunch of Jerks win!
Jamie M L
Jamie M L 15 November 2019 19:29
Canes keeping it consistent. Never let down
Averagestoner 15 November 2019 16:28
We need Forslunds voice
CANESFAN 1430! 15 November 2019 14:03
What a game, by both teams!!! What a game PETR THE GREAT had, and hate to say it but what a game by skinner. What a a setup by NECAS to setup DOOOOOOOOGIE for the OT winner!!!! Another great team game by us and as always GG sabres and lets go CANES!!!!!!💯🏒🥅🏒🥅🏒🥅🏒🥅
PerceptioN Karma
PerceptioN Karma 15 November 2019 13:42
Shows everything besides Svechnikov tackling Ristolainen and Risto gets a penalty for doing nothing. Didn’t know Tackling was legal, smh.
Sam Herbert
Sam Herbert 15 November 2019 12:06
The battle 2 teams with the best commentary in the league
Jake Burkey
Jake Burkey 15 November 2019 08:40
this commentator sucks
BuffaloMafia716 15 November 2019 08:28
Was going to go to a game.. But naaaww
Jackson Allen
Jackson Allen 15 November 2019 08:04
Martin neeces tho
Jackson Allen
Jackson Allen 15 November 2019 08:01
Once again Jack Eichel making selfish plays costing them the game smh 🙄
Jackson Allen
Jackson Allen 15 November 2019 08:00
The worst commentators in the league
S.A.M. SAM 15 November 2019 07:57
Goodbye Rogers!!!!
Shawn L
Shawn L 15 November 2019 07:38
The pain is real.
Anthony Badillo
Anthony Badillo 15 November 2019 06:49
Buffalo looks like one of the most boring hockey experiences there is
GoalHornFanatic 15 November 2019 06:46
Thinks it's around time to call it a season.
Adam Davison
Adam Davison 15 November 2019 06:18
Sportsnet, the score was 5-4, literally every video you post you make a mistake, are you drunk?
Neewo 15 November 2019 06:10
Gg canes fun game
THE BADASS 15 November 2019 05:31
5-4 not 4-3
Donald Dees
Donald Dees 15 November 2019 05:30
Buffalo Play by Play guy sounds like a mortician. Forslund is far superior. Sabres suck yet again.
Drew Rycerz
Drew Rycerz 15 November 2019 05:21
Seriously as a coach myself, never stop moving. Cycle it. The moment you stand still on my team you're out next game.
RAD+C Gaming
RAD+C Gaming 15 November 2019 05:12
EG3 Assassin
EG3 Assassin 15 November 2019 05:11
LetsGoCanes❤️🏒❤️Good Game, way to start the road trip off strong!GG Sabers!
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