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Madhu Bolla
Madhu Bolla 25 December 2019 13:26
ok, I'm convinced saw the future with this game before it even started
Astro Clan
Astro Clan 22 November 2019 23:34
Ryan Cheverie
Ryan Cheverie 18 November 2019 12:26
Hab fans be trying to blam this L on the refs 🤣🤣🤣🤣
TxquilaIsGud 18 November 2019 06:51
If ya didn’t watch the game from this highlight it seems like it’s a bad call from the ref but when he was shoved into the net his knee hit the puck ofc but the puck slid right on top of the goal line and you cant see it because his hand and stick was covering the camera but he was looking straight at the puck seeing it didn’t cross the line and he gave it a tiny kick to put it in making it an surprisingly good call from the refs
JakeMCGreen 18 November 2019 04:49
Ron “pussydick” McLean
pill0wm4n 18 November 2019 01:40
Can't spell Montreal without an "L" at the end.
Filipp Filippov
Filipp Filippov 18 November 2019 00:49
Гусь 🦆
Club Shay Shay
Club Shay Shay 17 November 2019 21:59
Cant use any part of your body to intentionally put the puck in. He humped it in good call.
dopey 17 November 2019 19:23
typical habs fans blaming the refs and not the fact that they gave up 43 shots and took a ridiculous amount of stupid penalties.
Khuong Khuu
Khuong Khuu 17 November 2019 17:37
New Jersey Devils on MSG+ , Montreal Canadiens Franch Language on TVA SPORTS, CBS SPORTSRADIO 660AM / 101.9FM WFAN & TSN RADIO 690 MONTREAL.TVA SPORTS Broadcaster: A GOALL, 1-0 CANADIENS.MSG NETWORK: He's Score, 1-0 Montreal.TSN RADIO: HE'S SCORE, 1-0 Montreal.MSG NETWORK: HE'S SCORE, TIED GAME AT 1-1.TSN RADIO 690: He Score, it's a 1-1 Game.TVA SPORTS: A GOALL: 2-1 CANADIENS.WFAN 660AM / 101.9FM: He's Score, 2-1 Montreal.TSN RADIO: HE'S SCORE, 3-1 MONTREAL.WFAN 660AM / 101.9FM: Devils Down by 1.MSG NETWORK: HE SCORE, with 1 Second Left, Devils Trail a Goal.TVA SPORTS: A GOAL, 3-3.MSG NETWORK: HE SCORE, IT'S A 3-3 GAME.TSN RADIO: He Score, it's a 3-3 GAME.MSG NETWORK: HE SCORE, DEVILS WIN IN OVERTIME, 4-3.CBS SPORTSRADIO 660AM / 101.9FM WFAN: HE SCORE, DEVILS WIN 4-3 IN OVERTIME.
SkunkCommand 17 November 2019 17:27
I was at the game and the refs were on a power trip... and I didn't boo PK, why did he even get booed?
Cadillac Macaroni 69
Cadillac Macaroni 69 17 November 2019 15:58
As a habs fan, I’m going to say this. The Devils played a great 3rd period to rally back and tie it up. However, there was 10 penalties in total that were called. The Devils scored on Domi’s 4 minute penalty because of interference and because of unsportsmanlike conduct. I have question for the referee. How is it a penalty if you argue about it. Everybody does it and they don’t get double minors.
Defensive Driving
Defensive Driving 17 November 2019 15:48
Montréal played a good game you can’t win them all
Fah Que
Fah Que 17 November 2019 15:27
Refs were brutal a game where everything was called and nothing was called at the same time
Phil Ham
Phil Ham 17 November 2019 15:19
The Devils sent a fruit basket after the game to the ref dressing room
rusty goldfinch
rusty goldfinch 17 November 2019 14:58
Honestly though whats a player supposed to do when a dman smokes him into the net?
Паша Саранск
Паша Саранск 17 November 2019 14:35
Наконец то я увидел гусева
Lazarus A. Game
Lazarus A. Game 17 November 2019 14:23
Hip thrust goals should count, but it should take no more than three hip thrusts.
Appolo P
Appolo P 17 November 2019 14:22
Weber is such a useless player on the ice, he reminds of Zedeno, Chara, old and washed-up. And the Montreal fans, just like those in Toronto, have no class at all. All these phony Montreal fans have really nothing to do on a Saturday night but to drink beer and spend their hard-working money watching a bunch of spoiled millionaires play hockey. Enough said about those classless hockey, so-called fans , let's talk about those media "MOOCHES" from Montreal, you know, those French and English overweight media "MOOCHES" that are on the sport radio talk shows and print media everyday, talking and writing about everybody but themselves.Well,.. they were at it again last night at the Bell Center eating "FREE" food like "OINKS_OINKS". Never in my entire life have I ever seen "MOOCHES" stuffing their mouths and pockets with "FREE" food, like those media people from Montreal. While hockey fans are paying for their junk food, these media beggars are not, and they should pay for what they eat, with all proceeds going to different charitable organizations.Of course this will never happen because most sport media people in Montreal are "MOOCHES", and "MOOCHES" never pay, why ? because their "MOOCHES". One French media "MOOCH" shouted out in agony, " J"amais, Tabarnak"!! Anyway, after the first intermission these media "MOOCHES" devoured so many hot-dogs, potato chips, baked cookies, and liters of soda pop, that they had to close for the evening.However, one English "MOOCH" texted to all of his comrades the following"FREE FOOD IN VISITORS DRESSING ROOM AFTER THE GAME" )HOT-DOGS & PIZZA) Now we all know the real reason why these media "MOOCHES" always carry their cell phones with them. To be continued,....
Ryan Arsenault
Ryan Arsenault 17 November 2019 14:11
Refs are trash
discoverytube 17 November 2019 14:00
refs were bought off so bad.
Barbariska Barbaris
Barbariska Barbaris 17 November 2019 13:35
Swiss Goal Horns
Swiss Goal Horns 17 November 2019 13:35
Worst ref ever
Wallace McDonut
Wallace McDonut 17 November 2019 13:22
First Habs goal caused by PK Subban yet again miles out of position so fwds had to play D until he got back by then too late. PK Subban is a $9m disaster. Tbh the Habs should also have won that game as that wasn't a kick. Once again on that play it's Subban there tripping the guy up. Please trade him now for God's sake.
Nightstalker_55 17 November 2019 09:11
The refs are trash as usual. When the playoffs come, they won’t even call blatant penalties yet here they literally call the most trivial penalties.
Kevin David
Kevin David 17 November 2019 08:46
This was the most Frustrating game to watch
Steve Sanghera
Steve Sanghera 17 November 2019 08:41
Devil fans don’t be too hyped u guys beat a tired Montreal team which still took u into OT
Steve Sanghera
Steve Sanghera 17 November 2019 08:38
Montreal didn’t have their speed today they were tried and u can see that clearly
Hannah Shewchuk
Hannah Shewchuk 17 November 2019 08:26
If 4:07 isn't a dang-it, Habs fans have a whole bunch of other words to use...
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes 17 November 2019 08:04
Subban is 🗑 now
MrNeonGTP Light
MrNeonGTP Light 17 November 2019 07:48
Even when we lose, the leafs still manage to get it worse. I love it!
Артем Медведев
Артем Медведев 17 November 2019 07:34
Давайте больше игрового времени Гусеву и будет Вам счастье...
nickwick35 17 November 2019 07:29
Марк Тимофеев
Марк Тимофеев 17 November 2019 07:23
Гусь 🦆
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Book of shadows contributor Brian 17 November 2019 07:18
29rd comment
regguy69 17 November 2019 07:18
This entire game belongs into Steve's Dang It. From the booing of the fans for PK, the penalty count to the late period goals allowed by Montreal. It was still entertaining. 😅
J. Sam
J. Sam 17 November 2019 07:14
Better luck next time Canadiens
Double Agent
Double Agent 17 November 2019 07:12
Looked like the Devils defender put his hand on the puck, on that disallowed play. Should of been a penalty shot for the Habs
Hashy Hash
Hashy Hash 17 November 2019 06:45
Would've been nice to win but we got the 1 point and the leafs lost
Ильнур Султанов
Ильнур Султанов 17 November 2019 06:44
Bryan Ouellet
Bryan Ouellet 17 November 2019 06:42
The ref crew was nutty
Independent mind
Independent mind 17 November 2019 06:42
78.5 Disallowed Goals – Apparent goals shall be disallowed by the Referee and the appropriate announcement made by the Public Address Announcer for the following reasons:(i)  When the puck has been directed, batted or thrown into the net by an attacking player other than with a stick. When this occurs, if it is deemed to be done deliberately, then the decision shall be NO GOAL. A goal cannot be scored when the puck has been deliberately batted with any part of the attacking player’s body into the net.
Emperor of Mankind
Emperor of Mankind 17 November 2019 06:31
Look tbh Kinkaid played great the team let him down in the third too tired at least we got one point I felt we deserved the W but still could of been alot worst
Brennan Lupardo
Brennan Lupardo 17 November 2019 06:29
Let's keep it going boys. Let's go Devil's
flon57 17 November 2019 06:12
Habsgaming 97
Habsgaming 97 17 November 2019 06:10
The refs were joke they cost Montreal the w
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